Whether you are looking to pick up a new lifestyle hobby or hoping to practise ceramics seriously or wishing to bond with the family or colleagues over a creative engagement or wanting your children to develop their creative abilities, 7879 Gallery and Clayworks has just the right course to suit your needs.

For learners wishing to learn seeking high-quality interactions where they feel heard, 7879’s private 1-1 Bespoke Ceramic Lessons is the best option. 

Conversations are almost always student-driven where they have control over the questions they ask and the feedback they receive from their instructor. With a completely safe space to openly share, the peer pressure-free environment encourages learners to be themselves. Progress and mastery of skills are closely monitored, and instructor can keep track of the learner’s success and adjust lesson plans to fully serve the learner.

For learners who prefers to a nurturing environment in a small group class setting of no more than 6 people, we have got you covered too.

A small class size means every learner gets noticed. Learning barriers can be addressed as soon as the instructor sees them giving each learner the necessary attention. Instructor also have the time to get to know each learner, understand their skills and learning preferences. There is now good evidence that small group teaching provides a fruitful environment that optimises learning. Small group teaching provides opportunities for learners to work collaboratively and promotes team-building skills.

For corporate organisations or team departments who wish to improve team building or simply wants to celebrate an occasion or anniversary with something memorable to take away with, 7879 Gallery and Clayworks will customise something for your group as well.

Whether it is an company workshop to learn pottery or a team building activities focusing on producing a wall mural for the office, we can customise an oopportunity for you to work collaboratively and promotes team-building skills.

For learners who have been wanting to explore pottery but unsure if you would actually inherit the creative bug, you could also sign up for a trial lesson where you will create your very own first masterpiece to take home with. Perfect for those who wish to dabble first before making it a longer commitment. Email us at enquiry@7879.sg for us to customise a programme for you!

For families who wish to send their children for pottery classes to develop mental creativity, our kids-friendly sessions are perfect during the school holidays session. Or if you wish to create some opportunity for bonding with everyone in the family, parents could also join in with their kids to create pottery together!

For learners who have taken ceramic art courses before can choose flexibly whether to continue under instructorship or to practise at their own time, own target vis-à-vis a continuous, flexible club membership programme where you could either practise on your own or amongst like-minded members, all under the tutorship of our studio instructor. 

For ceramic art enthusiasts wishing to upgrade themselves, speciality masterclass workshops are also organised seasonally to encourage skills upgrade. 

Learners may also participate in a curated annual ceramic art show held at on-premise gallery to share their creations with the public as well as family and friends