Q: I have no prior experience with ceramics. Where do I start?

It does not matter if you have no experience prior as all our classes are designed for learner of all types for now! Depending on your objective, you can choose between:

a. Make-your-first-masterpiece Trial Session: 2hrs x 1 session
b. Beginner Course (throwing on wheel): 2.5hrs x 4 or 8 sessions
c. Open Studio Rental: Practice as you wish, any time any day
d. Bespoke Corporate Team Bonding Sessions or Friends/Birthday/Couples/Kids Gatherings

Make-your-first-masterpiece Trial Session

Q: What does the pricing trial session include? Are there any other hidden costs?

The course pricing for the trial session includes the cost of clay, glazes and firing for up to one piece of work created during the session. The course fees are all-inclusive, and it even comes with a free scoop of artisanal gelato from Aphrodite, which is just across our shop. If you would like to take back more of your creations, each additional piece will be charged at $10 per piece.

Q: If I sign up for your single-session trial, will I get to keep all the pieces I have made?

Yes, you have the option to keep every piece you have attempted at $10/piece!

Q: Can I sign my child up for your trial session workshops?

We accept students of all ages for all single-session workshop participants. However, if your child is 8 years old and below, we would recommend parents to join in as well – not only you can participate and build better bond with your child, you can also learn a new skill as well.

Beginner Course (Throwing on Wheel)

Q: What does the pricing trial session include? Are there any other hidden costs?

The course price for the beginner session includes the cost of glazes and firing and depending on the amount of session you sign up – every session includes a free piece of work created during the session. The course excludes clay which you can purchase new clay (not recycled ones) from us at only $28 per 10kg, which is sufficient for the entire course.

Q: What happens when I have to miss a scheduled Beginner Course?

We are flexible, and you can inform us in advance to reschedule your dates. However, for a better learning experience, we advise you to complete your lessons within 2 months (4 lessons) or 3 months (8 lessons).

Q: Will I be able to master the skills sufficiently after each course?

All skills are honed with practice. You will have sufficient time to develop progressively over the course of the sessions to master the skill. Of course, it just keeps getting easier with practice!

Open Studio Rental

Q: What does the pricing include? Are there any other costs?

The course price for the open studio rental is $500 for 50-hour credits which you could use it any time, any day (except Mon) when it’s our rest day. The session excludes clay as well as the cost of glazes and firing. You can purchase new clay (not recycled ones) from us at only $28 per 10kg. Firing and glaze are charged at $0.08 cents per volume metric (Length X Depth X Height) and includes both bisque and glaze firing. As this programme is designed for independent learners to build a potters community, you do not need to take our classes to join the open studio rental programme. Easy peasy!

Q: Can I showcase my works at 7879 gallery?

Yes, you most certainly can. To help cover the cost of the rental, the gallery takes 50% of the sales as an administrative fee. We also plan annual exhibition for our members who are keen to showcase their portfolio of works.

Bespoke Corporate Sessions or Friends/Birthday/Couples/Kids Gatherings

Q: Do you conduct customised one-off workshops, such as team bonding, birthdays, pre-wedding showers or anniversaries?

Yes, we can customize bespoke workshops based on your group size and budget. It ranges from $40 to $68 depending on the complexity and requirements.


Q: What should I wear to class?

The workshop is comfortably air-conditioned so you will just need to show up in comfortable attire and shoes. We do provide clean communal aprons if you do not mind sharing it.

Q: Are there any food and drink options nearby?

There are plenty of food options nearby and we have tie-ups with some of them of which you can get a 10% discount if you dine with our preferred partners such as MHC Café and Aphrodite Gelato. If not, there are plenty of other options at Jalan Berseh Food Centre 3 minutes away with a large selection of halal and non-halal food.

Q: Is it convenient for me to drive there?

Yes, there are plenty of unsheltered parking lots at Desker Road or nearby areas. However, these parking lots do get taken up quickly during peak hours and the nearest mult-storey carpark is at Kelantan Lane, which is about 5 mins walk away.

Q: Is there an area I can wait for my children to finish their classes?

We do not have a waiting area inside the pottery studio but you are most welcome to wait at our gallery or at the nearby cafes just next or across our studio.

Q: How big are your class sizes?

For Trial and Beginner classes, we accept no more than 6 pax per session as we encourage small group learning environment where we can coach to individual learners’ pacing and progress. We believe in offering quality learning experience to each of our learners.