Towards the ongoing development of a diverse gallery culture rooted in equity and reciprocity, 7879 aims to cultivate an environment of empowerment and belonging for 7879’s artists, clients, visitors, partners, learners and wider audiences. Some of its key focus areas are:

7879 Emerging Artists Exhibition – To collaborate with emerging artists via exhibitions and events to develop initiatives that promote reciprocal programming across the SEA regions, especially of emerging artist and artisans. Additionally, we aim to provide opportunities for engagement with 7879 Gallery & Clayworks and other arts institutions with the objective of supporting core business functions through cultivating new audiences. Through this public programming, 7879 aims to:

    • Create additional avenues of engagement and commissions with our artists’ work
    • Enhance the visibility of diverse figures and voices in the art world
    • Foster social awareness and engagement with emerging artists and throughout the broader art enthusiasts / collectors community

7879 Woman – To build the platform for woman artist communities where we can create a space in which woman artists can experiment, collaborate, and engage with the public in dynamic and unexpected ways. 

7879 Local – To focus on initiatives that welcome 7879’s neighbours into its spaces. The aim is to develop events, practices, and programming that connect with a greater audience, expanding opportunities for enrichment and dialogue, particularly with retail groups especially from Little India heritage precinct. 

7879 Social – through our not-for-profit initiative, we aspire to share happiness via collaboration with youth communities via its art outreach programmes aimed at facilitating connective encounters and meaningful experiences to cultivate empowerment and belonging through its social and artistic encounters.